4 Year Old Kindergarten

To be eligible to enrol in 4 year old Funded Kindergarten Program, your child must be turning 4 years old by the 30th of April of the year they will be enrolled.

At Dromana Early Learning Centre we deliver a 4 year Old Kindergarten combined with long day care hours. The funded 4yo program operates at Dromana Early Learning Centre delivered by a Bachelor Qualified teacher 5 days per week 8.00am – 4.15pm and each child is required to be enrolled for a minimum of 2 days a week to attend the required 15 hours per week. Children who also require LDC outside of these hour or on other days can also be enrolled, providing there are positions available.

During your child's time in a Funded Kindergarten program a child will grow socially and emotionally with the support and guidance of their teacher and assisting educators.

* A child may only have one nominated 4 year old Kindergarten. Long day Care fees apply for children attending a program within a Long Day Care setting.